Introduction of a few of our NSWRHA Youth Riders


Lillian Johnson (17)

I have been on a horse since I was two and I started reining when I was 7. I have been previously competing Oakes Colonel Hollywood but now own a new horse Topsail Roc which I have been competing on in the Derby. I train with Rob Lawson.

Sophia Johnson (15)

I have been riding since I was 2 and reining since I was 6. I have been reining with Rob Lawson since I started reining. Recently I had 2 years off but I am getting back into it this year and will be proudly showing Oakes Colonel Hollywood.



Mackenzie Ralph (16)

I have been riding horses since I was 6 years old.

I got my first reining horse in 2015 and got my current horse in 2016. I have done a whole lot of different activities like cow work, fire stuff, liberty work and obstacle courses. For now I am focusing on school for 2 years and my horse will be put in foal and hopefully I get to train her little baby after I finish school.



Charlotte Callinan (16)

At 6 years old I began riding in English disciplines but changed to reining when I was 10. My current main show horse is Topsail Wimpy and I train with Rodney Peachy in Australia and Tom McCutcheon Performance Horses in the USA. I compete in Youth classes and non-pro classes in both Australia and the USA. 


Darcy Green (15)

I am based in Southern NSW and I have been riding for close to 8 years and currently ride 2 horses of my own aged 13 and 5 as well as a lease horse I am currently showing. I proudly train with Rob Lawson and I could not be happier to be part of the NSW Youth!


Alexis Gifford (17)

Currently I ride in the Senior Youth Division of NSWRHA. Reining has been my roots for multiple disciplines I have participated in and is the foundation of my riding. I am completing HSC this year which is pretty scary but having my horses with me is making it all possible. Next year I will be going to University but still planning on showing. I look forward to meeting all the new youth and watching all the youth riders grow as they become more seasoned.