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2024 Valued Sponsors

2024 Sponsor - ELN FORD

Discover the difference with E.L.N. Ford, your award-winning Ford Dealer on the Central Coast. As a family-owned and operated dealership nestled in Tuggerah, they bring over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in the Motor Industry to every interaction.
From sales to service, their commitment to excellence shines through, ensuring you drive away with not just a vehicle, but an experience crafted with care and dedication. Trust E.L.N. Ford for all your Ford needs and experience the difference today.

E.L.N. Ford | Ford Dealer in Tuggerah NSW Central Coast. (

2024 Sponsor - PRYDES EASI FEEDS 

Prydes Easi Feeds where excellence in animal nutrition meets unparalleled expertise. Crafting premium feeds tailored to the unique needs of horses, livestock, and companion animals. Their commitment to quality is unwavering, with every product meticulously formulated using top-grade ingredients and backed by scientific research.

Whether you're striving for peak performance in the arena, maintaining the health of your cherished pets, or optimizing the productivity of your livestock, Prydes Easi Feeds has the solution.

download (3).png

2024 Sponsor - Kohnkes Own

Discover their premium range of equine supplements meticulously crafted to support your horse's health and performance.
With decades of expertise in animal nutrition, Kohnke's Own offers science-backed formulations tailored to meet the unique needs of your equine companion.
From joint support to digestive health, our products are trusted by horse owners and professionals worldwide. Join the Kohnke's Own family and give your horse the care it deserves."


2024 Sponsor - Multicube

MultiCube, a dedicated Australian family-owned and operated business that has been a cornerstone of excellence in producing top-quality high-fiber forage for horses, livestock, and small animals since its founding in 1987.

Founded on a commitment to quality and driven by a passion for providing the best possible nutrition for animals, MultiCube has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. With decades of experience, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver products that meet the evolving needs of our customers and their animals.

Innovation and dedication have been the driving forces behind MultiCube's success, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering the very best in quality high-fiber forage for horses, livestock, and small animals. As we continue to grow and evolve, our family values will always remain at the core of our business, ensuring that MultiCube remains a name synonymous with excellence in the industry.

Home - Multicube Hay & Cube



2024 Sponsor - Sainsbury Performance Horses

Located in the NSW South Coast at Jamberoo, SPH offers lessons, competition coaching, clinics and group training days. 

Open to all disciplines and all levels of capability .

Learn body control and connection with your horse.

Contact Shane today! 0409 392 389


Sainsbury Performance Horses Facebook


2024 Sponsor - Robin Equine Show Garlands

Specializes in creating unique and stunning garlands that elevate any occasion with their elegant flair. These garlands are designed to make your event truly unforgettable.

Each garland crafted by Robin Equine Show Garlands is meticulously handmade with the finest quality flowers, ensuring that every piece is a work of art in its own right. 

Exquisite floral garlands that add a touch of beauty and elegance to every event.


Stitch em on.jpg


For top-notch craftsmanship and personalized service.
Specializing in custom embroidery, the Stitch 'em On Embroidery team brings passion and precision to every stitch, transforming ordinary garments and accessories into unique works of art.
Whether you're looking to elevate your brand with professional logos or add a personal touch to gifts and apparel, Stitch 'em On Embroidery delivers unmatched quality and attention to detail. Join countless satisfied customers who trust us to bring their visions to life, one stitch at a time.

Stitch Em On Embroidery



2024 Sponsor - GIDGEE EYEWEAR

Gidgee Eyewear is owned by Craig & Jill Busfield of C-Aspect Pty Ltd and as such is an Australian owned and operated Eyewear brand. They started their business in 2006 and have specialised in providing an eyewear solution for Australian horse riders. Gidgee Eyewear is available in many independent saddlery stores, Horselands and Saddleworlds throughout the country. The unique feature of the Gidgee Eyewear Brand has been its focus on equestrian needs and its support for grass roots equestrian events across Australia, this has lead to acceptance into over 180 retail outlets spreading from Darwin to Tasmania.

07 55338066

2024 Sponsor - SCOOTBOOTS

Reining is a demanding equestrian sport requiring precision, agility and rapid movements that places stress on the horse’s hooves, hence plenty of natural exercise is important.

Scoot Boots fit perfectly over sliders - which are wider and longer than normal shoes and worn on the rear hooves of reining horses.

The opening design of Scoot Boots at the rear heel bulbs provides for the sliders to fit through, giving stability for the horse to exercise freely and with added security as the slider holds the Scoot in place.

Scoots Boots are the only hoof boots that will fit over a slider.

They come in a full range of sizes, are easy to put on and remove, and provide excellent drainage for use in wet conditions, mud, sand and gravel.

Plus, they provide excellent traction and protection for horses being transported to events.

With Scoots over sliders there is no slippage, falls or risk of injury

Give your reining horse that extra exercise, enjoyment and safety with Scoot Boots.

Experts in Horse Hoof Boots and Horse Boots - Scoot Boots Australia

2024 Sponsor - BOB BERG DESIGNS


Proudly Handcrafted since 1976, they can Handcraft & deliver your very own special pieces within 45 days, at a price that is simply unbeatable, Worldwide.

0458 727 844




Specializing  in equine sports including Cutting, Reining, Cow horse to name a few.

ken does not have a fairy tale story to tell you about how he begun to photograph horses, he is self taught and takes  pride with what he has learnt of the years to photograph the horse

0411 962 968

2024 Sponsor - TUFFROCK


Tuffrock: Your Trusted Source for Premium Equine and Pet Health Solutions. Tuffrock, are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for the well-being of your beloved animals. With quality and natural ingredients, designed to support the health and performance of horses, pets, and livestock.

Backed by scientific research and trusted by professionals worldwide, Tuffrock stands as a beacon of excellence in animal health care.


2024 Sponsor - Bugeyes

Your go-to for top-notch sun and insect protection solutions for your horse. Our innovative products combine functionality with style, ensuring your horse stays comfortable and safe in any outdoor setting. From fly masks to sunshades and fly sheets, Bugeyes offers high-quality solutions crafted from the finest materials. Trust Bugeyes to keep your horse protected and looking great.

Protect your horse with Bugeyes – where innovation meets excellence, and your horse's comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Horse fly mask Specialists | Up to 90% UV protection - Buggez Bugeyes

Buck Yeah Equine square logo.png

2024 Sponsor - Buck Yeah Equine 


Where Western Style Meets Australian Spirit! Nestled in the picturesque riverside town of Singleton, in the heart of the Hunter Valley, NSW,

Buck Yeah is more than just a western store – it's a celebration of the Aussie cowgirl lifestyle. Explore their curated collection of saddlery, clothing, and accessories. From timeless classics to the latest trends, Buck Yeah is your go-to destination for authentic western style. Embrace the spirit of the Australian Cowgirl with Buck Yeah Equine – Because every ride deserves a little 'Buck Yeah!'"

Buck Yeah Equine

Nu too Much.jfif

2024 Sponsor - Nu Too Much


2024 Sponsor - RANVET

 Your Trusted Partner in Equine Health and Performance! With over 50 years of dedication to excellence, RANVET is a leading name in equine nutrition and healthcare. Our range of premium supplements and veterinary products is trusted by horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians worldwide to support the well-being and performance of horses in all disciplines. From joint support to digestive health, RANVET offers science-backed formulations designed to meet the unique needs of horses at every stage of life.

Ranvet | The World Leader in Equine Nutrition


2024 Sponsor - Living Horse Tails

Where Your Heart Horse Stays Close Forever!

Explore their exquisite collection of equestrian jewellery and precious keepsakes meticulously crafted with your horse and pet hair. Each piece is a heartfelt tribute to the bond between horse and rider, allowing you to carry a part of your beloved companion with you, wherever you go. Whether it's a stunning necklace, a delicate bracelet, or a cherished memento, our handcrafted creations capture the essence of your equine partner's spirit, keeping your heart horse close to you at all times. Embrace the timeless connection with Living Horse Tails by Monika and cherish your cherished memories forever.

Living Horse Tails Jewellery by Monika | Horsehair Keepsakes Australia

Neylon Performance Horses.png

2024 Sponsor - Neylon Performance Horses

Neylon Performance Horses, a cornerstone of Queensland's reining community for over 17 years. Dennis and Erin Neylon have dedicated their lives to breeding and raising high-quality performance horses destined for greatness in both Open and Non-Pro competitions.

The thrill of producing National Futurity and Derby Champions is matched only by the joy of seeing Non-Pro and Open competitors succeed astride their meticulously bred horses.


Anchored by exceptional mares such as Lilmissnotiall, Wimpys Lil Miss, Lil Miss Genius, NPH Gunnernoitall, and Winderadeen Chicka T Chex. With bloodlines tracing back to legends like Wimpys Little Step, Great Resolve-Einstein, Gunner Special Nite, and more, Neylon Performance Horses ensures each foal inherits a pedigree of champions.


Neylon Performance Horses - Breeding for success, so you can compete (


2024 Sponsor - Riveria Horse Floats

Riviera Horse Floats, Australia's premier destination for luxury equine transportation. With our commitment to safety and innovation, each Riviera horse float is meticulously crafted to exceed industry standards. Experience the ultimate in comfort and security for your horse with Riviera's superior design and construction. Join us and elevate your equine adventures today."


Home - Riviera Horse Floats WA

Buckle Sponsors

  • Katie Munro - Beginner Buckle

  • Katie Munro - 2 Handed Rookie Buckle

  • ELN Ford - Youth <14

  • ELN Ford - Youth >14 -18

Prize Sponsors

  • Kiersten Zaric - Feed Bags

  • Ann Snow - Ice boots

  • Sue Fyfe - Feed Bags

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