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Munros Ride and Slide Beginner Series


General Conditions

- Rider must be a member of NSWRHA

- Horses can be ridden 2 handed in a bridle or Snaffle Bit

- Any Saddle can be worn

- Long sleeve Shirt, Hat or Helmet to worn






Each Rider/ Horse combination must compete at all 3 Club Shows (at least one day of double shows) in the Beginner Reiner Class to be eligible for the “Shoot Out”.


Winner and Place getters will be subject to a Points System with winner earning the highest number of points in relation to the numbers in the class.

0’s will be given a number equal to the lowest number of competitors.


At the July State Show, the top 50% of the competitors from the Point Score, will be invited to a clean slate “Shoot Out “. The winner of the shootout will be named the MUNROS RIDE AND SLIDE BEGINNERS SERIES CHAMPION.

A rider may only compete in the Shootout once, on one horse, irrespective of qualifying scores, if required, a rider must elect on which horse the rider wishes to compete in the shootout.

Champion Buckle, Rug and Bridle to be Awarded to the Champion proudly sponsored by Katie Munro


Riders who don’t qualify for the State Beginners Shoot out, are still eligible for Rider of the year award to be awarded at the last club show of the year - Winners of this award will receive a Trophy Buckle and Rug proudly sponsored by Katie Munro

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